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Achievement for All unveils plan to deliver success for every child

Achievement for All have launched their plan to challenge the prevailing position whereby education is failing at least one in five children and young people – the vulnerable, disadvantaged and underachieving.

Transforming lives through education

1 in 5 children and young people in the UK are not fulfilling their potential at school. The reasons for this are varied and often complex. The impact can last a lifetime. A child's job prospects, health, well being and overall contribution to society are all affected. The majority of those worst affected come from a disadvantaged background, are living in poverty or have a special educational need or disability (SEND / ALN). We're here to help transform the lives of these children and young people by partnering with primary, secondary, special schools, early years, post-16 and alternative provision settings to raise aspirations and attainment.

Achieving Further #Principle Headaches

The Achieving Further Programme is currently being rolled out for the post-16 sector, taking the solid foundation of the schools programme but with the post-16 nuances clearly reflected and embedded within the flexible and tailored Achieving Further framework. This enables colleges to meet their specific needs and focuses on students with a wide variety of complex needs - students whose life chances may otherwise be limited and those who have disengaged with education.