For the first time, our high impact school improvement model is available to any education setting, addressing the critical link between emotional wellbeing and progress and attainment, and supporting the move from trauma-aware to trauma-informed and therapeutic practice. 

This Programme offers education settings a comprehensive set of complementary strategies and approaches to unlock academic achievement and accelerate progress by improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of an education setting.

By addressing the climate and culture of the classroom, developing professional understanding of the impact of attachment, childhood trauma and neglect, and building core strength and resilience within cohorts of identified learners, barriers to progress will be dismantled.

Why do we need this?

Simply put, an anxious, frightened or angry mind simply will not learn.

This Programme helps teaching professionals to understand what they can do to create an inclusive learning environment that supports and nurtures the highest possible levels of emotional wellbeing, and thus progress and achieve.

Achieving Wellbeing is designed to have a positive and sustained impact on critical cohorts of children and young people, supporting improvements in culture, climate and ethos that will enable achievement to thrive:

  • Children and Young People receiving SEN Support (as well as those with EHCPs)
  • Children in Care or on the edge of care
  • Children and Young People with specific vulnerabilities (self-esteem and confidence, emotional self-regulation skills, etc.)
  • Pupil Premium Cohort
  • New migrants or Travellers.

This Programme is designed to have a profound whole-school impact, supporting your journey out of RI, or from Good to Outstanding.

Outstanding Schools will also be able to demonstrate a drive for continual improvement and system leadership, the latter by contributing case studies to the Achievement for All Community of Practice.

Key benefits

The key benefits of the Achieving Wellbeing Programme include:

  • Helping professionals to understand what they can do to create a learning environment that supports and nurtures the highest possible levels of emotional wellbeing, and thus progress and achievement.
  • Raising the levels of emotional wellbeing amongst staff as well children, helping to retain experienced professionals and support new entrants to the profession in equal measure.
  • Direct support from highly-trained Achievement Coaches
  • 24/7 access to The Bubble (online professional development portal)
  • Access to Achievement for All’s national network to help schools keep abreast of national policy and research
  • Partnerships with an array of governmental departments and agencies, third-sector organisations and businesses.
  • Designed exclusively to meet the demands of Ofsted and Estyn key inspection focus areas.

What is involved?

The Programme consists of four modules:

The first module (Emotional Wellbeing and Core Strength) explores the critical relationship between emotional wellbeing and mental health, and the impact these two factors can have on learning and personal development. The Achievement for All concept of core strength is also introduced, how it is central to self-efficacy, resilience and personal effectiveness, and its importance in developing lifelong learning capacity in children and young people.

The second module (Making Sense of Behaviours) gives education professionals a deeper insight into childhood trauma, neglect, attachment issues and the impact these have on the observed behaviours of children and young people.

In the Classroom offers a rich seam of developmental tools, strategies and approaches aimed at transforming the culture and climate of the whole education setting. This is relevant to experienced staff as well as those who are newly qualified. New ways of developing inclusive classroom practice and improving behaviour can be explored, introduced and developed.

Finally, a range of Therapeutic Interventions are being assembled for your consideration, including tools to build cognition, mindfulness meditations and other emotional wellbeing and mental health strategies, that can be considered as "next steps" on the achievement through wellbeing journey.

New material is being added all the time: The Achieving Wellbeing Programme now contains additional material that addresses "confidence to learn, develop and thrive", concentrating on developing self-esteem, self-efficacy and resilience, and introducing effective growth mindset strategies. Settings interested in further developing their professional practice can access Structured Conversations process and practice if extending their learning journey into Year 2.

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