Early Childhood Foundation Stage Reforms

2021 - Ready?

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What Is Different?

In September 2021, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) revisions and the new EYFS framework will become mandatory. The revisions are designed to promote the government's social mobility aspirations and enhance results for the most disadvantaged children to close development disparities at school admission.

The revisions are also intended to decrease bureaucracy in EY evaluation and planning, giving practitioners more time to focus on building a comprehensive and rich curriculum that meets the needs of the children in their care. The new framework now includes Reception Year advice and updated early learning goals to ensure children have solid foundations and are ready to begin the National Curriculum in Year 1. However, this framework and the new Development Matters will take time to implement, and the sector will require assistance to ensure a seamless transition. This is made more difficult because the EYFS in England comprises a wide range of institutions, each with its own culture, governance, and structure, but all are expected to offer their services using the EYFS framework.

The Study for Early Education and Development (SEED) shown the need of strong leadership and a transparent vision of what you want to achieve in building great Early Years practice. Quality CPD opportunities that are open to all are the only way to ensure that all practitioners are aware of and comprehend the new framework's goals and aspirations. Childminders, who frequently operate alone, are particularly vulnerable when it comes to obtaining training opportunities, with many saying that training does not always fit their requirements since it is geared toward more significant settings.

Training and development opportunities must be reflective of, accessible to, and affordable to all Early Years professionals if the new changes are to take root and have the desired impact.

The Early Years Achievement Team

The team has considerable experience working within and across the EY sector, having assisted over 200 settings through the award-winning Achieving Early initiative in boosting quality and improving outcomes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Early Years coaches recognize that each setting is unique and adjust their approach to match the requirements of the setting's employees and children, including childminder support. This method earned the Nursery World award for Inclusive Practice in 2015 and the Children and Young People Now Early Years award in 2016. The proof of the Achieving Early program's impact may be seen here.

What Achievement for All Can Provide

The AfA Early Years team is now providing bespoke CPD opportunities for senior leaders and all Early Years workers to implement changes in their school or setting successfully. Unlike generic training, the Early Years coach will collaborate with leaders and staff to determine how to prepare for and implement the changes you require in your school or setting, ensuring you receive the appropriate support. If you have a training budget in mind, we can work with you to determine your requirements and create the finest package possible within your budget, ensuring you receive precisely what you want.