Achievement for All’s Emotion Coaching programme is designed to embed and measure the impact of Emotion Coaching on the effectiveness of teaching and learning in schools and other education settings.

Emotion Coaching is an attachment based tool that helps children to self-regulate and manage their own emotions by developing self-awareness and nurturing relationships. 

Research has shown that Emotion Coaching enables adults to understand their own emotional responses and communicate more effectively and consistently with children about their emotions, particularly in emotionally charged situations, leading to a reduction in stress and an increase in wellbeing and readiness to learn.

Emotion coached children:

  • Are more emotionally stable
  • Are more resilient
  • Achieve more academically
  • Are more popular
  • Have fewer behavioural problems
  • Have greater resistance to disease and illness.

The impact on adults is also compelling:

  • Improved staff wellbeing as evidenced by a decrease in staff absence
  • Improved family life for children and their families
  • Improved teacher reactions and response to pupil emotions
  • Improved school staff self-regulation which supports positive interactions with pupils
  • Increased sense of practice competency and setting ethos

Our coaches, trained by the founders of Emotion Coaching UK using an evidence-based model of theory and practice, work with schools and settings to embed a whole-setting approach.

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The Emotion Coaching programme is supported by 24/7 access to ‘The Achievement for All Bubble’ (online professional development portal) including interactive materials to support the cascading of Emotion Coaching practice in your school or setting.

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