Campaign to Include Every Child in Education

The education system in the United Kingdom is struggling to meet the needs of at least one in every five children and young people: the disadvantaged, vulnerable, and underachieving - 20% of children who are unprepared for their lives after high school, whether in education, training, or employment.

Kids studying in the classroom
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The Every Child Included in Education campaign aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged, vulnerable, and underachieving children and young people in England by making social mobility a reality for all children and their families.

Every Child Included in Education is looking for all stakeholders to increase collaboration, support, and training for all providers and services across the country, including ministers, commissioners, senior government officials, business, public, and third-sector leaders.

Every Child Included in Education Will Deliver on Five Co-developed Priorities Outlined in Its Manifesto, Including:

  1. Encourage kindness and well-being in educational, business, and non-profit settings where every child and young person is included on a daily basis. Through culture and mutuality, we must address mental health, character, and resilience by celebrating tolerance, patience, friendship, creativity, and problem-solving.
  2. Increased investment in all phases of education, beginning with early childhood. This should result in a socially and culturally relevant curriculum, increasing achievement in reading, writing, and math, improving life chances, and culminating in a meaningful destination for every child.
  3. A greater emphasis on teachers as professional learners through recruitment, retention, and continuing professional development that includes a better understanding of how disadvantaged and vulnerable children learn.
  4. Reduce the number of children and young people excluded from school and close the SEND gap - a group often marginalized and forgotten. Through cross-agency collaboration, this includes increasing responsibility for children at risk of exclusion.
  5. Greater recognition for parents, caregivers, and the larger community. Parents and caregivers should be recognized as critical partners in improving all children's learning and life chances.

The Association of Senior Children's and Education Librarians (ASCEL), Academies Enterprise Trust, Best Practice Network, Enabling Enterprise, Fair Education Alliance, Teach First, Place2Be, British Science Association, CPDBee, The Good Schools Guide, Lord Lucas, Teacher Development Trust, Parentkind, NatSIP, The Earl of Listowel, and The Nurture Group Network all support Every Child Included in Education.

Every Child Included in Education works with leaders in business, education (state and independent across all phases and types, including Regional School Commissioners, Opportunity Area Boards, Teaching Schools Alliances, and Research Schools), the public and third sectors, parents, caregivers, children, and young people.