"I use many of these techniques and approaches in isolation but Emotion Coaching completes the circle…” 

“(This training) has developed my self-reflection and delivery as well as putting more thought and analysis into the behaviour of young children.” 

“I really liked the hand model of the brain it was an easy way to explain how the brain works.”  

“Every professional in our Local Authority needs to do Emotion Coaching…” 


There are changes coming to the Early Years Foundation Stage, focussing on the growth of self-regulation, self-management and building relationships. 

Achievement for All has developed a powerful Emotion Coaching programme that supports these ambitions which is now available for clusters of primary schools and the early years settings that they work closely with. The cluster model enables coaching and training to be delivered in an extremely cost-effective way, which works out to less than £9 per session per trainee spread over a 9-hour coached programme. 

Emotion Coaching is an attachment-based tool that helps children to self-regulate and manage their own emotions by developing self-awareness and nurturing relationships.  

Research has shown that Emotion Coaching enables adults to understand their own emotional responses and communicate more effectively and consistently with children about their emotions, particularly in emotionally charged situations, leading to a reduction in stress and an increase in wellbeing and readiness to learn. Schools and Early Years Settings will be empowered to support their families to use Emotion Coaching techniques and strategies too! 

Emotion coached children: 

  • Are more emotionally stable 
  • Are more resilient 
  • Achieve more academically 
  • Have fewer behavioural problems 
  • Have greater resistance to disease and illness. 

The impact on adults is also compelling: 

  • Improved staff wellbeing as evidenced by a decrease in staff absence 
  • Improved family life for children and their families 
  • Improved teacher reactions and response to pupil emotions 
  • Improved school staff self-regulation which supports positive interactions with pupils 
  • Increased sense of practice competency and setting ethos 

Our coaches, trained by the founders of Emotion Coaching UK using an evidence-based model of theory and practice, work with schools and early years settings to embed a whole-setting approach. 

About Emotion Coaching 

In recent years a huge stride forwards has been made in terms of understanding the life-course impact of childhood trauma, of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and of disadvantage and neglect.  
The next step is to turn understanding into informed and effective front-line practice. 
All too often a lack of self-control leads to young people, already in difficulties, to make things worse for themselves.  
Be it in the community, in early years settings, in schools and within families, emotional flare-ups and disproportionately aggressive and volatile behaviours result in situations escalating rapidly out of control.  
We now know from some of the latest brain research how early childhood experiences shape the developing brain, and how disproportionately aggressive and volatile behaviour has its roots in early childhood trauma: an anxious, frightened or angry mind will not learn!  
All of this building and development combines to improve a child’s executive functioning and working memory. Supporting a child to develop their self-regulation helps build the skills that we need as we grow. 
Emotion Coaching can have a profound impact on the life chances of these children. In fact, if adults adopt Emotion Coaching practice, every child will benefit from the tools and strategies that help them understand where emotions come from, and how to deal with them. 

Self-regulation is now explicit in the new framework. 

The Achievement for All Emotion Coaching Programme addresses all these factors and more! 

A cost-effective entry point to the Emotion Coaching Programme 

8 one-hour Zoom/Teams training sessions for schools and maintained provision - £1,400 +VAT 

For a limited time only, a special price is available for PVI settings and clusters - £1,200 + VAT 

Achievement for All is offering a low-cost entry point to the Emotion Coaching Programme, which can be accessed by staff in a Primary School[1][1] and up to 10 feeder Early Years Settings (up to a maximum of 20 on-line attendees), a marvellous way to build and sustain a learning community! 

We can also offer a subsidised version for PVI clusters or chains who wish to access this training. 

The cluster will be appointed a Lead Coach, who will agree a Programme of Training spreading over two terms: this will give opportunity to learn and techniques, as well as share and reflect on what works best. All delegates will be able to download a PLJ (Professional Learning Journal) to capture learning and reflective practice. 

An enhanced package is available at £2,700+VAT, offering 18 hours of Coach contact time and exclusive access to a complete suite of training and professional development resources via the Achievement for All Bubble (online CPD portal), for a calendar year. 

Also included in the package are Locality and Personal Review Audit tools, enabling evidence-based review and evaluation. The first “visit” is focussed on a Needs Analysis, and planning for a delivery model that best suits your cluster and their prior knowledge and experience. 

[1][1] The contract with us is held by the Primary School, which can then recover proportional contributions from participating PVIs.  


To register or if you have any questions, please get in touch.