New Ideas And Solutions for Digital Literacy

Many schools were forced to implement remote learning packages in a matter of weeks: with some teaching staff and learners still needing to self-isolate and temporary solutions increasing staff workload and stress, this CPD package may be the answer. Closely collaboration with tech behemoths helped to investigate the range of available social and assistive technologies, many of which are completely free to access and use, that could instantly transform communication with hard-to-reach children and families (new migrants, EAL, SEN, SLCN, and parents/carers with low literacy levels), planning, and seamlessly blending learning within and beyond the classroom, to address a "new normal."

Kid learning on the tablet
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A Brief Explanation

Digital technologies are now commonplace in the home, school, and workplace. It's easy to take technology for granted... but can we make it work harder for us? How can we prepare every young person to be digitally literate in a world where government, banking, insurance, and shopping are available online?

When it comes to social media, gaming, and streaming media content, young people adapt well to changing environments and demands but require more.

And are teachers making the most of the digital resources they already have? Is technology simply replacing tasks, or is it opening up new possibilities for accelerating learning and personalizing the educational experience? Can the recent Covid-19 and lockdown challenges spark a digital renaissance in your learning community?

Impact Expected