Welcome to the Achievement For All & Joffre White

‘Wonder Words Prize For Young Writers.


Would you like to win £25 in book tokens for yourself and another £25 in book tokens for your school, plus WH Smiths and WH Smiths Trust boxes of supplies for schools?

Then, read on…

Reading is one of the most important things to do, whether it’s about fantasy and adventures or knowledge, and all of the other things in between. But, without story tellers, writers and poets, we wouldn’t have all of the wonderful stuff to read.

This is why writers should read and readers should write.

Not everyone feels confident to write their own ideas down, that’s why it is so important that young people should be encouraged to pick up a pencil or a pen, or tap away on a keyboard and let their imaginations run free.

It doesn’t have to be the next JRR Tolkien type of story, it can just be you writing down your thoughts, your dreams, or your worries. That’s why this year’s theme is about Happiness and Wellbeing.

It can be a short story up to a 1000 words, or a poem, a rap or a short social commentary of up to 40 lines. It’s open to anyone between the ages of six and sixteen years old, living in the UK and attending a registered Achievement For All Affiliated School. All entries must be submitted through your school.

2020 has been a strange and frightening year for us all, and I’m sure that there is sunshine at the end of the tunnel, so it would be wonderful if you could write something to cheer us all up, (and of course, yourself).

Make sure that you understand the rules, if you’re not sure about them, get help from your teacher.