“What I've seen is that growth in self confidence and self esteem of young people which takes you right back to the core of why you came into education in the first place.”

 - Headteacher

“I learnt how to basically find myself... I learnt about how you're meant to live life, in a good way.”

- Pupil

“It's amazing to see your child develop and blossom, and you know the future's going to be bright for them.”

– Parent

Achievement for All would not succeed without the support of the many generous organisations and people who fund our work. Your personal support could take us even further in tackling educational disadvantage and help even more children thrive at school, college or nursery.

You can help transform a young person’s progress in a year, significantly improving their self-worth and achievement levels. You could even transform a whole school, college or early years setting.

We are always grateful, whatever the amount, for any donation you make, to help our children and young people fulfil their potential.

In addition to directly supporting our work, you may know of companies or charitable foundations with whom we could work in partnership, or a school, college or Early Years setting that wants to tackle underachievement.

Alternatively, you can share Achievement for All's message through Facebook and Twitter, following our progress on @AfA_Education.

The power for change really is at your fingertips.

There are many ways you can donate to Achievement for All, helping even more children and young people to overcome their challenges and succeed in life, including:

- One-off donation

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- Support a school, college or early years setting

- Corporation donation

- Charity of the Year

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My granddaughter was put forward for the Achievement for All programme due to her lack of confidence which was creating barriers to learning and stopping her achieving her full potential. Prior to Achievement for All she was a shy, timid little girl, bursting with ideas but never daring to push herself forward. Today you see a child who is highly motivated, will take risks and has a very healthy self-esteem.”

– A grandmother describes the positive impact of Achievement for All has had in her family