Transition is not just a physical move to a new setting or a new room, it needs to be about aligning practice, developing shared understanding, and building bridges for children to cross, not hurdles for them to leap over. If you are looking to develop your transition processes so that every child gets off to the best possible start in your school or setting, then an Early Years Transition Step-Up Review is just what you need.

A Transition review helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your systems in terms of welcoming new children in, being able to meet their needs from day 1 and  ensuring parents know and understand how to support their children in this process.

This Transition review is suitable for schools, preschools, day nurseries, playgroups and maintained nursery setting and should help to ensure that all children achieve their very best and achieve successful transitions.

The review is undertaken by a specialist Early Years coach who will work with you to:

  • Audit your existing practice
  • Create a bespoke action plan for development
  • Signpost you to resources that will support you in developing your practice

You will receive a written report and access to an online module packed with articles, research and best practice case studies to support your developing practice and an Achievement for All Quality Award certificate that demonstrates your commitment to developing smooth transitions.

The review process normally takes 2 days in total. This includes: establishing the particular focus/parameters of the Step-Up Review, preparatory work, information, intelligence and insight gathering during the school/setting visit (this can be done virtually) and the report writing, action planning and feedback that take place after the review. The timescale for a review is 4-6 weeks from preparation to completion.

Schools/settings may wish to continue the ongoing relationship with their coach, who can offer and provide bespoke follow–up support and advice.       Schools/settings can book further AFA support packages and Step-Up Reviews delivered in ways that suit individual needs.

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PRICE: Each review costs £2500

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