Why create a Culture of Wellbeing?  That was the question we asked at our recent national conference and the answer came back loud and clear…It increases student engagement, motivation, attendance, retention and achievement, while raising staff morale, job satisfaction and performance.

Our Post-16 Culture of Wellbeing Step Up Review supports you to:

  • Start the journey
  • Develop the journey
  • Become a leader on the journey

One day Workshop and Wellbeing Review

Learn what a ‘Culture of Wellbeing’ looks like; the benefits and how to start

In the morning we will be running a workshop for key leaders/managers and then in the afternoon we will complete an in-depth review of your organisation.

 You get:

  1. Great tips and strategies you can use straight away to start your journey
  2. An in-depth review that will enable a detailed development plan
  3. Advice and guidance on several of your current issues

Maybe you are putting all your energy into teaching and learning CPD but things have plateaued?

Maybe you are looking at behaviour management policies and procedures but have come to a dead end?

Maybe staff are struggling to keep students attending due to stress and anxiety issues?

The review will look at where you are and where you need to go so you can plan effectively with your teams.


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