How well are we meeting the needs of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in the EYFS?   If this is a question you are asking, then an Early Years SEND Step-Up Review is just what you need.

A SEND review helps settings evaluate the effectiveness of their provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This EY SEND review is suitable for schools, preschools, day nurseries, playgroups and maintained nursery settings. A SEND review should help to ensure that all children achieve their very best and achieve successful transitions.

The review is undertaken by a specialist Early Years coach who will work with you to:

  • Audit your existing practice
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in practice relating to children who need additional support
  • Create a bespoke action plan for development
  • Sign post you to resources that will support you in your development

You will receive a written report and access to an online module packed with articles, research and best practice case studies to support your developing practice and an Achievement for All Quality Award certificate that demonstrates your commitment to inclusive practice.

The review process normally takes 2-3 days in total spread over about one month. This includes  preparatory work before the first coaching visit,  time needed to collect information during the setting visit, the report writing and feedback that takes place after the review and the action planning. Settings may decide to establish an ongoing relationship with their reviewer who can provide follow-up support and advice. The timescale for a review would normally be 2-3 weeks from preparation to reporting. If follow-up support is required schools and settings can book this separately, this may vary from intensive weekly visits to a number of visits spread across the year.

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