Supporting the Wellbeing and easing the pressure off staff at this time more than ever before, is a key priority for us all.  Picking up the baton and continuing the journey towards the implementation of the new Curriculum for Wales is indeed a challenge and plans may need re-evaluating in light of Covid-19

How well are you progressing toward the implementation of the New Curriculum?  Does it feel like you are making good progress with a clear sense of direction and defined actions or is it a little like you are attending ‘generic training events’ which aren’t bespoke to your specific needs and available resources in your school?  Are staff engaging positively, showing creativity and an innovative ‘can-do’ approach or are staff struggling to see a clear pathway?

If you want to kick start your journey to implementing the new curriculum, a Curriculum for Wales Step-Up Review could be just what you need.

A Curriculum for Wales Step-Up Review will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your planning and preparations so far.  It supports you to self evaluate your current position and progress towards the new requirements. Crucially, it also supports you in leading and managing staff at this time of significant reform, the wellbeing of you staff and how this impacts on school culture and performance. 

Combining elements of our Achieving Schools Programme along with the most up to date thinking on the links between leadership, evidence-based practice, effective pedagogy, professional learning and academic success. It helps you to consider how changing or enhancing your approaches to professional learning and pedagogical change, can have a dramatic effect on life outcomes for the children and young people you work with.

Suitable for primary and secondary schools, a ‘Curriculum for Wales Review’ will help to ensure that your school has a strategic plan to support your preparation and implementation for curriculum 2022. Working towards enabling all children to experience an innovative, engaging and relevant curriculum and succeed in school and beyond.

The review is undertaken by a specialist Achievement Coach who will work with you to:

  • deliver an in-depth assessment of how your current provision/delivery meets the needs of the New Wales Curriculum;
  • appraise staff expertise and skills essential to enable successful delivery and how they are currently used;
  • make recommendations around how the necessary change in pedagogy might be realised, within a specified timeframe and budget; and
  • highlight effective practice and professional development opportunities relevant to your staff, to improve staff capacity and increase skills needed to lead, plan and successfully deliver the new Curriculum.

You will receive a written report and access to an online module packed with articles, research and best practice case studies to support your developing practice and an ‘Achievement for All Quality Award’ certificate that demonstrates your commitment to innovative practice.

The review process normally takes 2-3 days in total spread over about one month. This includes preparatory work before the first coaching visit, time needed to collect information during the setting visit, the report writing and feedback that takes place after the review and the action planning.

Settings may decide to establish an ongoing relationship with their reviewer who can provide follow-up support and advice. The timescale for a review would normally be 2-3 weeks from preparation to reporting. If follow-up support is required schools and settings can book this separately, this may vary from intensive weekly visits to a number of visits spread across the year.


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