How well are behaviour policies working in your school?  Does it feel like they work in promoting positive behaviour in ALL of your children and young people, or are there some who just won't engage and follow the rules, no matter what the sanction?  Is staff wellbeing and morale being negatively impacted by poor behaviour?

If you want to kick start your journey to improving whole school practice and outcomes in this area, a Behaviour and Wellbeing Step-Up Review could be just what you need.

A Behaviour and Wellbeing Step-Up Review will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your behaviour policy in promoting a positive environment that allows teaching and learning to take place as calmly and fruitfully possible.  It supports you to identify areas of improvement and then implement measure the effectiveness of the strategies you decide to employ.  Crucially, it also supports you to consider staff wellbeing and how this impacts on school culture and performance. 

Combining elements of our Achieving Wellbeing and Emotion Coaching programmes along with the most up to date thinking on the links between wellbeing, emotional regulation, positive behaviour and academic success, it helps you to consider how changing or enhancing your approach to discipline can have a dramatic effects on life outcomes for the children and young people you work with.

Suitable for primary and secondary schools, a Behaviour and Wellbeing Review should help to ensure that all children achieve their very best and are encouraged to develop the self-control,  self-awareness and emotional literacy to succeed in school and beyond.

The review is undertaken by a specialist Achievement Coach who will work with you to:

  • Audit your existing practice
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in practice relating to children who need additional support to be ready to learn
  • Create a bespoke action plan for development
  • Sign post you to resources that will support you in your development

You will receive a written report and access to an online module packed with articles, research and best practice case studies to support your developing practice and an Achievement for All Quality Award certificate that demonstrates your commitment to inclusive practice.

The review process normally takes 2 days in total. This includes: establishing the particular focus/parameters of the Step-Up Review, preparatory work, information, intelligence and insight gathering during the school/setting visit (this can be done virtually) and the report writing, action planning and feedback that take place after the review. The timescale for a review is 4-6 weeks from preparation to completion.

Schools/settings may wish to continue the ongoing relationship with their coach, who can offer and provide bespoke follow–up support and advice.       Schools/settings can book further AFA support packages and Step-Up Reviews delivered in ways that suit individual needs.

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PRICE: Each review costs £2500

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