Schools targeting the progress of all children looked after on roll at their school as part of our schools programme have shown accelerated progress in reading, writing and maths for those cohorts after two years.

“We are pleased to be using AfA as a programme to support Children in Care again. We were part of the national pilot and saw a significant improvement with progress of our children. It is enabling our Virtual School to develop our  training capacity for schools & academies with Children in Care on roll.”

Jane Featherstone, Virtual School Head Gloucestershire.

“The AfA programme has been a great support in transforming our school culture, especially in terms of identifying and planning for the needs of vulnerable learners such as children looked after. My Achievement Coach has supported me as I stepped up to Senior Leadership and offers a valuable external perspective on our provision and systems, helping me to evaluate both when change is needed and where our existing strengths are. Being an Achievement for All school has really benefited our students as we have been able to establish a mentoring programme so that vulnerable young people have a named staff member listening to and advocating for them. In addition, I have had access to new CPD opportunities such as the Croydon Designated Teacher hub where good practice is shared. This helped me bring new ideas back to school and increase opportunities for our young people.”

Emily England, Acting Assistant Headteacher: Safeguarding, Inclusion and Behaviour, Head of Progress 10, Edenham High School