Additional areas of support

Reviews, training and collaboration

In addition to our Schools, Achieving Early, Firm Foundation and Achieving Further Programmes, our charity also provides specialist support and advice around Pupil Premium, Children Looked After, SEND and Anti-bullying.

Pupil Premium Practice Review

Our Pupil Premium Practice Review review provides schools with a thorough understanding of how it can support pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding and is endorsed by the Department for Education. It better equips schools to manage, measure, and report on narrowing the gap for pupils eligible for the grant

SEND Reform Implementation Review

Our SEND Reform Implementation Review supports schools in implementing and embedding the SEND reforms to improve outcomes for all pupils with SEND.

Anti Bullying

Achievement for All delivers a range of workshops designed to train staff in helping to prevent bullying - especially of learners with SEND.

LiFT – Learning in Family Teams

We have been working in partnership with virtual schools around the country to improve outcomes for children looked after. Based on this work and the learnings from London Fostering Achievement, LiFT offers bespoke coaching support to virtual schools and schools as part of their strategic plan

Youth Justice SEND project

We support young offending teams, the youth secure estate and local authorities in effectively identifying and meeting young offenders’ Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

SENCo Project

Achievement for All was funded by the Department for Education (DfE) to undertake a project that focused on the National Award for SENCos in 2016/17. The project had three strands and resulted in three reports: Report 1 - Review of the effectiveness of the National Award for SEN Co-ordination; Report 2 - Review the SEN Co-ordination function in the early years and post 16 sector and the possibility of extending the National Award of SEN Co-ordination to providers in these sectors; Report 3 - Review of the National Award for SENCo Provider Group's Quality Assurance Processes.