Our Impact

Achievement for All is profoundly improving the lives and futures of children and young people. In our first five years alone our work reached over 3.86 million beneficiaries. In 2016, we had a positive impact on 45,582 children and young people, 43,244 parents and carers, 56,647 teaching professionals and over 1,279 schools and settings across England and Wales. During 2017/18, Achievement for All supported 23,704 vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in 940 schools and other educational settings, improving outcomes in reading, writing and maths, and reducing exclusions by 70%. More details can be found in our Impact and Annual Reports.

Impact Report 2020

Read our Impact Report 2017 - 2020. A collection of key findings and case studies from across our programmes. With thanks to all of our schools and settings for their contributions.

Impact Reports

Take a look at PWC Social Impact Assessment report and Achievement for All Impact Report

Annual reports

For a detailed breakdown of Achievement for All's activities to date

Other reports

Achieving Schools Programme - A Case Study & Department for Education - 'Achievement for All': effect on SEND pupils

Case studies from the past five years of effective school improvement support