One in six children (1) living in poverty in the UK will continue to be labelled as “born to fail” if Britain doesn’t re-think its approach to social mobility.

In her new book, ‘Born to Fail? Social Mobility: A Working Class View’, Achievement for All CEO, Professor Sonia Blandford, takes the current conversation about inequality in Britain and looks – through her own personal lens and wealth of professional experience – at what we’ve learned (and what we have failed to learn) about the working class in Britain.

She explores issues head-on including why education often doesn't matter to the working class; how education has failed to deliver for them; and the importance of self-belief, action and confidence.

Sonia was born into poverty in the late 1950s and is now one of the country’s foremost experts on and champions for improving the aspirations of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She says, “Social mobility is about changing the way people think, act and engage, and understanding that there is an alternative way to live to ensure everyone can succeed.

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*(1) p8. Department for Work and Pensions - Households Below Average Income: An analysis of the UK income distribution: 1994/95-2015/16