“A new leadership order has emerged which has no leadership standards, no preparation or development programmes, no inspection framework, no KPIs, no benchmarks. There are no precedents, no ring-binders, no blueprints to help school leaders through the current maelstrom that is COVID19. 

In such disruptive times, school leaders cannot emulate the leadership practices they witnessed or enjoyed in a period of stability, continuity, and relative calm. Leading in disruptive times means being able to navigate a different course, to create new pathways through the disruption. School leaders on this journey are defined by their determination, their hope, and their unshakable belief that whatever happens, whatever the cost, whatever the scale of the challenge, they will continue to do everything in their power to safeguard the learning of all young people.” 

Alma Harris & Michelle Jones COVID 19 – school leadership in disruptive times (2020)   https://doi.org/10.1080/13632434.2020.1811479 

Deep Leadership is a new Programme from Achievement for All, conceived and developed in the moment, specifically and exclusively written for leaders with strategic responsibilities. Deputy Headteachers, Headteachers and Principals, MAT Executive Leaders, Trustees and Governors, Children's Services Leaders and Managers will all find considerable benefit from participating in this programme. 

The Programme is unique in that it explores the social and emotional aspects of leadership in extreme circumstances: supporting not only the growth of individual leaders in terms of personal resilience and stress management, but also helping leaders to put wellbeing at the very heart of their teams, their organisations and their professional networks and communities. 

The world is at war with a virus, and it is no exaggeration to describe every public service as a battleground,  with service teams as the troops in the front line. 

The levels of stress and anxiety can become toxic and can be crippling, and until humanity develops a magic bullet, a single droplet carried in the air could have a devastating impact on those in your care: staff, children and families. 

We are faced with the pressures and challenges of fully reopening public services, including school communities,  in the knowledge that local lockdowns could be triggered at any moment, from a "bubble" of staff and students to a complete region. 

And what about after the battle? 

Not only do we need to build and sustain social and emotional resilience through the coming months: we need to prepare now for the rebuilding of our communities in anticipation of the impact of prolonged and sustained toxic stress. 

This programme takes lessons from leadership in dangerous and hostile conditions and applies them to the stark realities that leaders are facing today due to the COVID-19 crisis. There are invaluable, profound lessons to be learned that will help you through the storm, drawn not only from leadership in extreme circumstances but also from the latest research in neuroscience, trauma-informed practice, therapeutic approaches and emotion coaching.  

However, all of this is driven by a key principle survival: put your oxygen mask on first before you help others.  

Download Marius Frank's Blog on Deep Leadership and use it as a discussion piece in your next Senior Leadership Team or Governance Meeting.

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