Click HERE to see the first issue of The Inclusion Journal which is completely free of charge to celebrate the launch. This title takes over from the Every Child Journal.

The new title more clearly states what the publication is about  - how current best practice can be deployed to ensure that children struggling to fully realise their potential in education are given the opportunities to counter their disadvantages.

It could be because of learning problems, or attitudinal problems arising from a disadvantaged social background or emotional and mental health issues, health conditions or physical disabilities.  

Sadly, it could still be because of their race and ethnicity which, very subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, discriminates against them and makes them less than fully confident learners.  

Sadly also, because many of the barriers put up for these children struggling to achieve, despite their problems, are systemic and institutional and unnecessary!

Many of these obstacles to learning are addressed in this first issue, which we have made free and open access. TeachingTimes has joined forces with the acclaimed charity Achievement For All, which exists to close the achievement gap for these children.

We hope you are energised by it, and will subscribe to it!