Achievement for All welcomes the Prime Minister’s recent statement regarding increased outcomes in reading for disadvantaged Children and Young People in England (Prime Ministers Questions 8 January 2020).

The Prime Minister said: “This is the only country in the G7 where the reading performance of disadvantaged pupils has actually improved since 2009.” (Source: Hansard)

Achievement for All is proud to have contributed to this success. Since 2009, Achievement for All has supported more than 300,000 children and young people facing disadvantage or challenge to achieve accelerated progress and, in many cases, to achieve outcomes that better than their more advantaged peers.

We accomplished this incredible change through bespoke and game-changing support and coaching for over 5,000 schools, early years settings, and further education settings that have driven improvements in school or setting leadership, teaching and learning, wider opportunities and outcomes, and parental and carer engagement.

The Prime Minister added that “We need to do more”.

Achievement for All also agrees with comments in the recent NASEN report on the role of the SENCO (13th January) that stated that further investment is needed to support all teachers.



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