From Harriet McCann of Youth Futures Foundation:

Dear all,

I’m really pleased to say that extracts from our open letter to the Prime Minister with 89 signatories have been published in an exclusive in The Mirror:

It also includes the following government response:

“We know that young people have been hit especially hard by the impacts of the pandemic which is why our Plan for Jobs specifically focuses on offering them choices. We’ve already helped 50,000 young people to find good jobs through the £2billion Kickstart scheme, while also investing in increasing the number of apprenticeships, traineeships and work coaches to support those who will benefit from different opportunities. The latest employment figures show we’re on the right track and pushing for recovery – with a sustained rise in the number of young people on payrolls – and this support will continue as we look to build back better and create, protect and sustain jobs.”

It’d be great if you could help to raise awareness of our letter to the PM and to highlight again the calls in our opportunity guarantee paper through supporting on social media. As you will see, we updated a few of the stats in line with the latest data releases and have uploaded the letter here: (final letter also attached). We’ve also made a few updates to the stats in the paper itself and have uploaded all the supporting logos to the back page. The final version of the paper is here:

Attached are some infographics and below is some template copy that could be used across social media channels:

Many thanks,