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"What is Hattie's view of the Education Endowment Foundation and the What Works Clearinghouse that curate evidence for teachers?

He thinks they have a role, but he believes we have begun to look at "evidence" in the wrong way.

“The days of evidence are kind of over, the days of interpreting the evidence are what matters now, and that is what I am most interested in,” he says. “We are very good at curating evidence and making evidence, but let’s switch and talk about dissemination and utilisation. That is what I wanted to do with Visible Learning: take this voluminous research we have and put it out in a way we can use it to actually make a difference.”

In making things accessible, of course, you risk oversimplification or misinterpretation. Hattie is clear that this is an area academics have to get better at, and equally clear that many of his academic critics resent his efforts to do this work."

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