One in six UK children leave school unable to read, write and add up properly. This year, our involvement with a unique, annual fundraising initiative will help us change these numbers for the better.

On Wednesday 5thDecember 2018, Achievement for All will be one of the beneficiaries of ICAP’s annual Charity Day, an event that sees the leading markets operator and provider of information services give away a day’s worth of revenues and commissions – with some star-studded assistance!

Now in its 26th year, ICAP, its customers and partners have collectively raised nearly £140 million to date and supported more than 2,300 projects worldwide.

This December, we hope to secure an incredible contribution in support of our work to improve the literacy, numeracy, self-confidence, behaviour and opportunities of 460 vulnerable children in 15 schools across London.

This is an amazing chance to offer a dedicated, life-changing programme of support to some of the capital’s most disadvantaged pupils, with thanks to ICAP and Achievement for All.

To find out more about ICAP’s Charity Day click here.