The recent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, following closely on events in Syria, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, impacts on all our school communities as we seek to meet the needs of new migrants and refugees, and to educate our rising generations to understand, empathise and accept new members into our localities. 

Schools in England and across Europe are supporting some of the 10.5 million children who, for whatever reason, have suffered from displacement, separation or loss as a result of migration.  

They may be asylum seekers, refugees, economic, social migrants, or children left behind when parents migrate to find work. 

Achievement for All offers every education setting in England and Wales free access to the ICAM (Including Children Affected by Migration) toolkit, developed over the past four years in partnership with educationalists in England, Italy, Spain and Romania: 

  • The resources are significant, recognising that every school is different and distinct, can structured in a way that can be tailored precisely to an individual learning communities strengths and needs 
  • Schools can engage as individual institutions: but there is also a comprehensive training programme to prepare local leaders to disseminate the programme across clusters of primary and secondary schools 
  • The materials include small group and parent workshops, aimed at building social and emotional resilience, supporting relationship-building and prosocial behaviours 

Furthermore, these resources will help any child and family on a journey of social and emotional recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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