In light of the recent government announcement on secondary pupils no longer being required to wear face coverings in schools and colleges from 17 May, we feel that it is important that we are asking parents for their views in a quick poll.

We need your help to get as many parents as possible over the coming week completing our three simple questions.  

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We will share the results with policy makers, education agencies and the media. Ensuring that parent’s voices in supporting their child’s learning stays high on the education agenda.

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Calling all parents! What do you think about face coverings in schools? Our friends @Parentkind have a one-minute survey to find out parents' views. Please take and share!    

Parents, what do you think about face coverings in schools? @Parentkind is running a snap poll - don't miss this chance to have your say. Please take and share!    

Should face coverings in classrooms go or stay for longer? @Parentkind is running a one-minute poll for parents on the latest coronavirus measures in schools. Please take and share!

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Face masks in the classroom – new survey seeks parents' views

Parentkind launches hot topic poll to find out what parents think about the change.

In response to the Prime Minister's announcement that secondary school children will not have to wear face coverings in classrooms from 17th May, Parentkind has today launched a poll to find out what parents think about the change.

The survey will measure parental views on an important issue that continues to divide opinion. The Prime Minister says that removing the classroom facemask requirement "will improve interaction between teachers and students". Yet teaching unions want the measure to stay in place out of concern for the potential spread of the virus among pupils, teachers and families. Now it is time to find out what the country's parents think!

Over three simple questions, the poll asks parents to say how strongly they agree or disagree with the government’s coronavirus measures affecting schools. This includes removing the requirement for face coverings in classrooms, keeping face coverings in communal areas, and retaining two Covid tests per week for teachers, pupils and their families. Parentkind will share results with education policy-makers to ensure parents' views are not ignored, and they are part of the conversation when decisions affecting them are taken.

John Jolly, Parentkind CEO says, "Our snap poll takes only a minute or so of parents' valuable time to complete. But it's important that they have their say so that parent voice doesn't become lost in what ought to be a national debate about the use of face coverings in schools. After all, it is parents who are responsible for preparing their child, ensuring that they arrive at the school gates ready to learn. We also need to know how worried parents are. Earlier research taken during lockdown detected parental concerns about the safety of children returning to school and mixing with others. This is an opportunity for parents to tell us whether or not those anxieties have dissipated in light of the vaccination roll-out among older adults, or remain in place. We are looking for a wide sample of parents to take the poll to ensure that the results are truly representative of parent voice, and we are asking stakeholders and partners to share it widely. Parents, have your say!"


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See the Parentkind face coverings poll: 

About Parentkind

Parentkind is the largest network of PTA fundraisers in the UK. We bring specialist fundraising support and advice to parent volunteers so that every school can benefit from a successful PTA. Our 13,000 PTA members raise over £120+ million per year, placing us alongside some of the largest charities in the UK.

As a national charity, Parentkind, give those with a parenting role a voice in education. We invest substantial resources in representing parent views on their child’s learning to local, regional and national governments and agencies because evidence tells parental participation in education benefits all children in all schools and society as a whole.

The Parentkind journey started in 1956 by a group of pioneer parents who were passionate about parent involvement in their child’s learning but felt that they needed a voice at national as well as local level. Therefore, from PTAs on the ground forming regional federations, the national association of PTAs was born.

Nicholas Gillet was the first chair of the National Council of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA), as it was then called, and his vision was that parents should not only have a local role and a voice in their child’s school but also at a national level in education policy.

Today family life is very different to 65 years ago and so is the education system. We have many different types of family structures and circumstances (the nuclear family, single parents, or two working parents), much more disparate community support and a multitude of care arrangements for children around school. However, the vision remains the same; parents should not only have a local role and a voice in their child’s school but also at a national level in education policy.

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