Achievement for All’s founder and CEO, Professor Sonia Blandford looks forward to Every Child Included conference.

We're looking forward to our Every Child Included Conference that focuses on the Achievement for All 3AS Plan for All Children and Young People to Succeed.

We live in an increasingly complex and chaotic world that accepts failure and condones exclusion. Today we are pushing back against any practice that does not improve the life chances of all children and young people through education: we passionately challenge the prevailing position whereby education is failing at least one in five of our children and young people, the vulnerable, disadvantaged and underachievers. It is our intention to provoke thinking, debate, and by providing evidence-based practice that will help create a new future, transforming culture, process and practice that will truly guarantee achievement for all.

Every Child Included Conference will provide an opportunity for speakers, panelists, exhibitors and delegates to consider how together we can:

  • Achieve the best value and highest impact from pupil premium allocations

  • Improve resilience, outcomes and employability for all children and young people

  • Improve staff wellbeing and morale.

One in five children and young people do not achieve expected outcomes due to disadvantage, needs or challenges they experience

- In partnership with early years settings, schools and colleges we aim to reach a further targeted 100,000 children and young people, improving outcomes regardless of background, challenge or need.

Social Mobility is impeded by poverty, one in six children live in poverty in the UK

- In partnership with education, third sector, business and community leaders we aim to reach all local authorities in England and Wales delivering evidence informed programmes, funded in part by the pupil premium.

Development of adults and services that support children and young people is fundamental to changing society

- In partnership with the education sector and evidence-based experts we aim to reach a further one million children and young people through engagement with adults and services by developing and supporting leaders and teachers in settings, schools and colleges.

All delegates will be invited to support Achievement for All Every Child Included Plan:

  • Join AfA3As reaching out to early years settings, schools and colleges to collaborate, sharing and shaping our model to deliver to our vision and mission that Every Child is Included

  • Engage and debate with policy makers to commit to supporting projects and programmes that have a firm evidence base in generating real opportunities for social mobility

  • Work and talk together, communicating developing and sharing best practice via The Bubble in the delivery of the development of teams of significant adults and services that support all children.

 For further information on Every Child Included conference, click here.