Despite the herculean efforts of their dedicated staff during school closures, separation from education has placed many already disadvantaged children at even greater risk of under achievement and disengagement from education. 

Many school staff are reporting that despite special measures during lock down, on returning to the classroom children in need are struggling to reform the relationships for learning that have been stretched and distorted during over a year of erratic disruption and separation. 

Catch up lessons and extra tuition will be ineffective without action to help many of these less fortunate children also catch up on their social and emotional development which, in many cases, has been interrupted and may even have regressed. 

And there are other pandemic related issues that are threatening the wellbeing of children at risk. For example, increased reliance on social media to maintain contacts and pass the time has led to a rise in on-line bullying and other forms of abuse. 

You are invited to participate in a webinar hosted by Eurochild, the leading European organisation linking international child welfare agencies, including many in the UK, conceived by the including Children Affected by Migration (ICAM) Programme in which Achievement for All is a leading partner from the UK. 

The ICAM programme has much to offer the current challenges to equal opportunity in schools for all children in need, based on the experience of implementing whole school initiatives to better include Children Affected by Migration who have also suffered separation and disruption to their education. 

Please visit where you will find further information about the event and a registration form.