Achievement for All has designed and is making available materials that support schools, community providers and families provide meaningful and high impact activities for children and young people of all ages to rebuild their confidence and ability to learn following Covid-19 lockdown.

​The Covid-19 crisis and the resulting lockdown of schools has had a profound impact on children's learning.

How can learning be re-ignited and learning behaviours re-built? How can non-specialists and volunteers who will enthusiastically give time and effort through summer holiday provision make an impact? How can we add value to every aspect of a child’s learning so that families can play their part?

Achievement for All has a solution which has been delivered over the last two summers through DfE-sponsored Fit and Fed activity, in partnership with the sports charity StreetGames: 

  • A framework that builds the confidence and ability to learn 
  • A framework that is accessible, easy to understand and apply in the home, in school and through community activities led by non-specialists 
  • A tool that acknowledges and celebrates learning wherever and however it takes place 
  • Easily understood and internalised by children and young people of all ages and all abilities 
  • An approach that will help children and young people to become re-motivated and learning ready again for formal schooling

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Education settings can also commission a full Core Strength development package, supported by an experienced Achievement for All Coach. More details here:


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