Congratulations to Wakefield Local Area Partnership who, through the Youth Justice SEND Quality Assurance process, have been redesignated Quality Lead status for another three years.

Dawn Gothard has been the ETE Projects Officer who coordinated both the 2018 submission and the most recent one. She highlighted a wide range of improvements and innovations that have been introduced, which will feature in the coming months in the Youth Justice SEND on-line community ("The Bubble", updated and hosted by Achievement for All) so that other YOTs can benefit from Wakefield's insights and successes.

Marius Frank, Youth Justice Assessment Co-ordinator at Achievement for All, wrote in the citation:

"It is abundantly clear that all of you invest time and resource into building, maintaining and improving relationships, be it with vulnerable and challenging young people and the families or with each other's services.

You are investing in developing a more informed approach across all Wakefield child-centred services to move from trauma-aware to trauma-informed practice. This is behind the move to a "cluster" model of meeting needs bringing education providers and children's service providers and provision closer together.

Not only are you developing a more informed approach to data management and data use- you are questioning and interrogating this data to ensure it is right and fit for purpose.

Your use of VRU funding to enhance specialist screening has illustrated clearly the hidden needs of many in children touched by the youth justice service (78% having moderate or severe Speech Language and Communication Needs); the programmes you are putting in place, which includes a really interesting intervention to increase perception and management of time for those where it is a significant barrier, are having a positive impact.

Finally, the high levels of engagement with young people through lockdown is a product of your investment in positive and effective relationships- including the use of novel apps to maintain informal relationships between Key Workers and CYP.

I look forward to receiving some further reports and case studies which I know other youth offending teams will find motivating and inspirational.

Well done Dawn! Well done Wakefield!"