Tower Hamlets/City of London Area Partnership was quick to embrace the possibilities afforded by the Fishmongers' Company-funded Youth Justice project, in partnership with Achievement for All

Significant strides have been made in adopting and developing Emotion Coaching training, and it has been a pleasure to work with Rachael Phillips and her team to celebrate strengths, identify areas for improvement, then work quickly to develop provision.

As a consequence, within a calendar year, Tower Hamlets/City of London have secured Quality Mark status!

A pivotal change has been the appointment of a Youth Justice Champion within the SEND Education Team, building on existing good relationships and practice. New protocols will also help.

Particularly praiseworthy were the proactive measures taken to prevent offending, such as the work of the Social Inclusion Panel, the "Breaking the Circle" Prevention Programme, and the new home-grown screening self-assessment tool to empower the voice of young people and their families.

Given the commitment shown to positive change, and the initiatives and developments established in the last twelve months, it is more than possible that a compelling evidence base could be gathered by this time next year to support an assessment for Quality Lead status: this will be a great achievement!