From a relative position of strength, Lincolnshire Area Partnership has created a pathway of continuous improvement by building more robust and effective service partnerships, clearer protocols for joint working, with training and professional development opportunities programmed for front line professionals and their managers to ensure that new awareness and knowledge, process and practice become embedded throughout the teams around the child.

Particularly noteworthy is the rollout of a new joint Protocol, the development of the Futures 4 Me Team (who have received extensive training in attachment, speech language and communication needs and trauma recovery, for example), the development and implementation of the ASPIRE screening process to complement and supplement statutory processes, as well as the workings of MACE (Multi Agency Child Exploitation) and JDP (Joint Diversionary) Panels.

In fact, the pathway to achieving Quality Lead status is already clearly mapped out: it will be only a matter of time before outcomes for young people with SEND in the youth justice system become demonstrably better than hitherto. I look forward to Lincolnshire applying successfully for the Quality Lead award in the not-too-distant future.

Well done! An outstanding evidence-based journey of service improvement.