Lancashire Local Area Partnership redesignate as a Quality Lead service

Lancashire local area partnership were one of the first teams to receive the Youth Justice SEND Quality Mark back in March 2018. They are now one of the first teams to demonstrate continual improvement from a secure base and have been awarded Quality Lead status.

As stated in the citation that accompanied the award, Marius Frank of Achievement for All identified some of the factors behind the decision:

"Firstly, the operational guidance that is available, through clear process flowcharts, the Terms of Reference and interconnectivity of Committees, and provision pathways is exemplary. Kirsty (Kirsty Elliott the Senior ETE Lead who co-ordinated the process), you stated that one of the reasons for this was the fact that you are dyslexic and need visual representations as well as written; well, I have to say, no finer example exists to illustrate the power and potential of a neurodiverse workforce!

From the proactive support of Children Looked After to avoid PEXes in Lancashire, to linked data systems across services (education, social, health); from managing a vast geographical area served by no less than 16 CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) to the impact of the shortened ASSET+ assessment framework completed for every young person touched by the youth justice team: In every case there is a clear evidence base to show a multi-agency joined-up, child-centred approach that is now in place, that has been grown steadily and systematically over the past three years that, as one of your colleagues said, was "brilliant for our young people".

My final point is a significant one: here is an example of an area team that is not afraid to identify systems or processes that are not working well, then systematically review and improve the guidance and expectations so that outcomes for young people improve.

Well done! An outstanding evidence-based journey of service improvement."

Well done Lancashire!