Just before Christmas Coventry Local Area Partnership became the 22nd Youth Offending Team to gain Quality Lead status. 

The message of congratulations from Marius Frank, Director of Youth Offending at Achievement for All, reads: 

"First of all, thank you sincerely for your time today, for our extended meeting last month and for the additional evidence and case studies painstakingly compiled by Matthew Haynes (YOS Team Manager): in fact, in terms of supporting documentation, and in terms of a culture of teamwork as demonstrated by the range of colleagues who actively participated in the redesignation video conferences, it has to be one of the best submissions we have received. 

It is a glowing testament to your solid and hard-earned progress made over many years, boosted by activity in the last eighteen months.  Particularly praiseworthy is the sense of collective ownership and responsibility, cross-sector training, a strong co-located co-commissioned team and a commitment to complete a comprehensive Asset+ based assessment for every child that enters a youth justice pathway. 

The case studies that were submitted, further back up the comprehensive evidence trail that has been supplied.  Well done!"

Over the next few months, we are anticipating many more good news stories, as Youth Offending Teams seek redesignation at the end of the three year validation period.