Leadership can be extremely lonely and stressful, especially when an unanticipated crisis like Covid-19 disrupts convention, practice and wellbeing. The personal load a leader carries at times like this can be overwhelming. 

Prof Sonia Blandford’s second blog in our run-up to World Mental Health Day reflects on the power of a coaching relationship and the support it can offer in so many ways

Coaching works because it supports individuals and teams to build from their own strengths.  In contrast to mentoring, which is based on the ‘show me’ principle, coaching has a sustainable, lasting impact.   

SENCO, Northamptonshire: "Working alongside our AfA coach engaging in professional dialogue and sharing and developing ideas has enhanced our provision and raised morale" 

Head Teacher, Birmingham: "Thanks, your feedback is really specific and constructive - gives us lots to move on with." 

Phase Leader, West Midlands: "Thank you for taking the time to talk with me yesterday - I feel I got so much out of it and am clear on the next steps in my leadership development after taking the time to reflect much more deeply" 

Every Achievement for All offer to education settings is delivered through our national team of experienced Coaches. You will find the relationship with your assigned Coach from Achievement for All liberating and invaluable: a critical friend disconnected from the command structures you work within, empathetic and understanding, at all times strengths-based and solution-focussed. 

Our Coaches find the role fulfilling and enlightening too: the team will rapidly identify effective strategies and approaches that are quickly spread throughout out community of practice- a national network of school-led improvement appreciated by all our partner settings, which includes a national network of Youth Offending Teams too as well as early years, special schools and alternative provision, primary secondary and colleges. 

Bob Basley Achievement Coach: “The joy of coaching for me has always come from helping someone to answer EM Forster's question:  How do I know what I think until I see what I say? This has led to school colleagues developing clearer and sharper perspectives of issues and, consequently actions that are tailor made for their school communities. In turn, they have experienced the same when coaching parents in and through Structured Conversations." 

Claire O’Keeffe Achievement Coach: "Sometimes a listening ear and a safe space to bounce ideas around is what you need. Leading need not be in isolation" 

Achievement for All can support your school community as it works its way towards an inclusive, high performing “new normal”. 

Please contact us for a conversation: https://afaeducation.org/get-in-touch/ 



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Please contact us for a conversation: https://afaeducation.org/get-in-touch/