Dr Ash Shah – Gujarati https://youtu.be/vqJVjUVZjs4

Dr Rupal Shah – Urdu/Hindi https://youtu.be/bP2amQF5erE

Dianne Desmulie – Italian https://youtu.be/jx93McoKFto

Iris Cheung – Cantonese https://youtu.be/rKqywnmI1y8

Dr Gurpreet Singh – Punjabi https://youtu.be/YUoE3aKDhiQ

Dorota – Clinical Pharmacist – Polish https://youtu.be/WMIRyrokU18

Magdalena Zuwala – Health Care Assistant – Polish https://youtu.be/ah5Fjdt_y1M

Each of these videos follow this script (though not necessarily word for word):

Coronavirus hasn’t gone away. You can play your part to stop the virus spreading again.

Keep following the social distancing guidelines. Wash your hands frequently and wear a face covering if you go to a shop or use a bus, train or taxi.

If you have a high temperature, a cough or lose your sense of taste or smell, it’s important to get tested as soon as you can.

You can arrange a test online or by phoning 119. When you call you can ask for an interpreter to help you if you need one.  After you’ve been tested, please stay at home until you get the results. 

If you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace because you have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, you must self-isolate for 14 days. This will help keep us all safe and protect the NHS.