Emotion Coaching (EC) enables adults to understand their own emotional responses and communicate more effectively and consistently with children and young people about their emotions, particularly in emotionally charged situations, leading to a reduction in stress and an increase in wellbeing and readiness to learn.

We have been so pleased to deliver Emotion Coaching training as part of the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme to all SCPOs from each force during January, by one of our expert Coaches Martin Howlett. The training took place over 4 dates in January and was delivered remotely.

As I am sure you will agree, it can be challenging to deliver and to be a recipient of 5 hours online training. I have been delighted to receive extremely positive feedback from all delegates, all stating the relevance and usefulness of the training.

“The AFA Trainer made it totally a two-way street with the online audience. He made excellent use of chat facility and welcomed officer questions and comments throughout the day. Most of my team got very involved at all times in what was being asked and sharing own stories. It was some of the best online training we have had and very relevant to us as a service to schools.”

Catherine Lewis – Regional Coordinator South Wales ‘ All Wales School Liaison Core Programme ‘


“It’s been a fantastic session, one of the best I’ve experienced in 20 odd years as a PC, lots of takeaways for work and home.  Now you need to work your way around the rest of the force, many of whom would benefit from this session.”  South Wales SCPO

“Thought provoking and inspiring evidence-based information.  Challenges us as officers to look differently towards the behaviours of young people and understand why events may occur.”

N Wales SCPO

 I would like to thank all those who attended for your engagement and participation in all aspects of the training during the day 

Achievement for All look forward to future opportunities of working with you, helping to reduce crime and disorder within our young communities.


Amanda G Jones – Country Lead for Wales - Achievement for All.