We live in an increasingly complex and chaotic world that accepts failure and condones exclusion. We are pushing back against any practice that does not improve the life chances of all children and young people through education.

We passionately challenge the prevailing position whereby education is failing at least one in five of our children and young people – the vulnerable, disadvantaged and underachieving. It is our intention to provoke thinking and debate, and by providing evidence-based practice that will help create a new future, transform culture, process and practice that will truly guarantee achievement for all.

At Achievement for All, we have witnessed some amazing inclusive practice that challenges any view that not all children can be included in education. 

We know from our impact in over 4,500 early years settings, schools and colleges that every child experiencing challenge or disadvantage, or those with special needs or disabilities, can succeed. By working together, teachers, leaders, practitioners, parents, carers and communities can improve the outcomes for all children. Such success is transformational to the lives of the children and their families.

Our plan provides evidence-informed solutions that will support educational settings, including early years, schools and post-16, to develop practice that promises to deliver success for every child.

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