The Covid-19 pandemic has fractured learning relationships that are so vital to overcoming the personal education disadvantage of so many groups of vulnerable children and young people, from those with SENDChildren in Care or on the edge of care, the Pupil Premium Cohort afflicted by poverty, some vulnerable to abuse and neglect... and children who are first- and second-generation migrants and refugees.

Achievement for All is an active partner within ICAMnet, a network of international partners dedicated to securing better outcomes for Children Affected by Migration (CAM).

Achievement for All will be presenting critical aspects of the ICAMnet offer (building digital resilience against on-line bullying, grooming and radicalisation) at the World Anti-Bullying Forum in Stockholm in November 2021:

Neuroscience tells us that an anxious frightened or angry mind will not learn effectively…and learning is the prime function of schools. ICAMnet provides the practical solutions to improve essential aspects of school life that addresses the fundamental aspects that rebuild relationships for learning, enabling CAM to thrive. 

There is also a free international webinar coming up soon that illuminates the key issues, hosted by Eurochild (27 May 2021: 13.30-16.00:

Achievement for All is keen to offer cascaded training and professional development opportunities to MATs, Local Authorities and Training Schools so that these resources are made available immediately to front-line teaching professionals across the country.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

This work is co-funded by Erasmus+