Delivering a recovery plan for vulnerable and disadvantaged children

The impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people is known to us all.

Since 2011, Achievement for All has delivered over 11,000 programmes in England and Wales. Our work is now focused on four pillars, which underpin a successful and sustainable recovery plan for early years, schools, and post-16 settings:

Pillar 1: Parents' and carers' engagement in a child's learning, and older children’s independence and employability, forming quality-first relationships with families building on the positives of the last year.

Pillar 2: Provision for closing the gap by developing quality-first teaching and support, through well-differentiated planning, personalised provision, and interventions that fully identify, and address complex needs.

Pillar 3: Building core strength and resilience for all (children, teachers, and leaders), placing well-being at the heart of education.

Pillar 4: Digital skills: technology has opened new frontiers in terms of accelerating learning and personalising the education experience, in addition to preparing young people for adult life and employment. By increasing our understanding of virtual and blended learning, we are transforming the progress and futures of all learners beyond the pandemic.

The AfA Virtual Conference – Levelling Up is specifically designed for education practitioners in Early Years, Primary, Secondary Schools, and FE Colleges, both Mainstream and Special Schools, parents and carers, as well as Youth Justice professional networks, Local Authority delivery teams and Charities.

The conference will support system and service leaders to reflect on strategic priorities, initiatives, and innovations as we build towards a "new normal", allowing participants time to reflect on their vision for their setting, school, or college, and to consider how to accelerate learning for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils, improving outcomes for all.