Download editable audits to help here:

Whole school audit to evaluate, monitor and develop good practice

Primary school audit of the support children looked after receive in school

Secondary school audit of the support children looked after receive in school

Self-Evaluation audit for Designated Teachers 

Self-Evaluation audit for Foster Carers

STEEP analysis template - multi-agency action planning tool to identify barriers to achievement and develop solutions. Read more about the STEEP process here.

Effective PEP audit for Designated Teachers

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)

The SDQ is a brief behavioural screening tool that can be used to identify pupil strengths and difficulties.  The SDQ can be completed by pupils, Foster Carers and teachers in order to gather a broad and balanced view of the needs of the pupil.  There are versions for ages two - four years old and four - seventeen years old.  The SDQ is available in numerous languages.  The SDQ is free to use and can be scored by hand or online.

The SDQ asks about five types of attributes using 25 statements.

  1. Emotional symptoms.
  2. Conduct problems.
  3. Hyperactivity/ inattention.
  4. Peer relationship problems.
  5. Prosocial behaviour.

 All versions of the SDQ, scoring information, and the strong research base for its use are all available from