The world is at war with a virus, and it is no exaggeration to describe your education setting as one of the battlegrounds. 

The levels of stress and anxiety become toxic and can be crippling, and until humanity develops a magic bullet a single droplet carried in the air could have a devastating impact on those in your care, staff, children and families. 

And what about the aftermath? 

We need to prepare now for the rebuilding of our communities in anticipation of the impact of prolonged and sustained toxic stress. 

Brief description

Simply put, an anxious, frightened or angry mind will not learn - An anxious or frightened mind cannot teach - and anxious or frightened mind cannot lead. 

This Programme helps teaching professionals to understand what they can do to create a learning environment that supports and nurtures high levels of emotional wellbeing. This Programme offers education settings a comprehensive set of complementary strategies and approaches to unlock academic progress and lifelong achievement by improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of an education setting.

By addressing the climate and culture of the classroom, developing professional understanding of the impact of childhood trauma and neglect, and building core strength within cohorts of identified learners, barriers to progress will be dismantled.

We hope this Programme, based around our high impact and popular Achieving Wellbeing Programme) will be a powerful tool to raise the levels of emotional wellbeing amongst staff as well children, helping to retain experienced professionals and support new entrants to the profession in equal measure.

This programme also gives your education setting exclusive access to our new Deep Leadership resource ​

Intended Impact

  • Professionals serving your learning community (teachers, learning support practitioners, senior leaders and governors) become more aware of the distinction between emotional wellbeing and mental health, the link to academic achievement, and what they (individually and collectively) can do to transform the culture and climate of the education setting
  • Through a deeper understanding of the impact of childhood trauma and neglect, plan for children and young people with identified needs more effectively, supporting learning, and accelerating academic progress
  • Develop a sophisticated positive behaviour management toolkit, reducing classroom stress (staff as well as learners!) and removing barriers to learning
  • Evaluate therapeutic interventions and develop cost effective strategies to transforming outcomes for troubled or disadvantaged children and young people

This detailed and comprehensive support package begins at a 6-visit model.

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