Built around our highly successful and award-winning Structured Conversations approach (and, for early years settings, Taking Time for Talk), settings will be given full access to all the training materials to review current practice, rapidly develop a training plan and immediately improve practice. The impact can be significant.

Brief description

Parents' and carers' engagement in a child's learning is a key factor in improving pupil outcomes and achievements. Structured Conversations offer schools an evidence-based approach to parent and carer engagement that removes barriers to learning and drives forward pupils' perseverance, motivation to learn, and confidence. The Achievement for All approach to parent and carer engagement is referenced in the 2014 SEN Code of Practice.

The Structured Conversation is an approach to parent and carer engagement that establishes and develops effective relationships between parents, carers and teachers based on a culture of mutual listening rather than telling. It allows the parent or carer to share their knowledge of, and aspirations for, their child and the teacher to provide the parent or carer with clear information about their child's current progress and wider achievements in school. Evidence from external monitoring and evaluation consistently recognises this activity as having very high impact within the programme. Structured conversations build the confidence of children, parents and carers and encourages deeper engagement. Teachers gain rich information about pupils and their home lives which directly informs improved provision.

Intended Impact

  • More effective and constructive partnerships between parents and carers and the school community
  • Enhanced parent and carer, pupil, and teacher aspirations for pupil achievement.
  • Improved quality of information-flow between parents, carers and the school, leading to clear, shared, and realistic targets and planned actions for raising standards and achievement.
  • Greater confidence and ability to address barriers to pupil achievement and outcomes.

This detailed and comprehensive support package begins at a 6-visit model.