Many of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in your school community are in danger of slipping further behind due to the consequences of lock-down and a detachment from the stability of the school community. Following a rapid needs analysis our Achievement Coach will be able to guide you to specific materials approaches and resources that will help, focussing on literacy, numeracy, more effective feedback, and more.

Brief Description

This support package aims to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning across your education setting. Teaching staff, through well-differentiated planning and personalised provision and interventions need to secure the greatest impact on pupil outcomes. The aim is to support your setting to review and refine its provision for vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils to ensure they are making accelerated progress and to narrow attainment gaps within the school and against national outcomes.

Effective practice is built on and further developed through direct CPD, coaching, leadership development and detailed analysis of pupil data to inform and review teachers’ planning and target-setting.

 Various tools and systems will be introduced to be used for the regular and rigorous evaluation of the impact and suitability of provision across wave 1, wave 2 and wave 3 teaching and learning improvements.

 Intended Impact

  • Settings will have an outcomes-focused action plan in place to accelerate the progress of the target children and young people
  • Teachers will be more confident about the choice, evaluation, impact and sustainability of learning interventions
  • The progress of individual pupils and target cohorts will be accelerated, impacting on whole school progress measures and standards

This detailed and comprehensive support package begins at a 6-visit model.