Achievement for All’s Core Strength is a unique approach to accelerating academic progress amongst vulnerable and disadvantaged learners - closing the performance gap in education settings, raising standards and, ultimately, driving social mobility.

This leadership development and professional training programme strikes at the very heart of learning and achievement, at every age and phase, by building on the latest neuroscience and psychological research and addressing all the factors identified by the Education Endowment Foundation as effective strategies to improve cognitive, non-cognitive development (essential life skills) as well as resilience and self-efficacy.

The programme offers education settings a multitude of routes to secure better outcomes by ensuring all children and young people are given the confidence and ability to learn, develop and participate in society, especially if that progress is compromised by vulnerabilities and disadvantage exacerbated by Covid-19 lockdown.

This programme is particularly powerful if you wish to add value to out-of-hours or community provision during holiday periods.

Intended Impact

  • Teaching professionals deepen their understanding of the impact of social and structural disadvantage, and SEN, on cognitive development and thus academic achievement
  • Teachers and Learning Support Staff deploy a range of tools to accelerate learning, in targeted, small group and whole class ways
  • Vulnerable and disadvantaged learners demonstrably close the gap on their peers
  • Ultimately all children and young people feel better equipped with lifelong learning skills for employment and for life


This support package is available at 3- 6- 9- and 12- visit Coach support models. Please contact Achievement for All if you wish to discuss further.

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