About Achievement for All

Achievement for All is a leading not-for-profit organisation that works in partnership with early years setting leaders, practitioners, teachers, families and carers to help children flourish and develop, ensuring their needs are met at every stage. With tailor-made plans, professional coaching, engaging workshops and expert techniques, we dramatically improve the support, confidence, and outcomes of all those involved in early years educations, strengthening links and communication among staff and the whole community.

Evidence of the impact of our work can be found on our website at  https://afaeducation.org/

Testimonial of Effectiveness:

“There are many courses and training which boast how they support settings to engage with parents of vulnerable children, this course actually does. I really believe this training will enable our setting to make a difference to these children and bridge the gap in their development by using the skills and techniques offered.” - Setting Manager

Aims of the Programme

 To develop the leadership team’s capacity and capability to lead inclusive settings

  • To increase the confidence and skills of all staff in inclusive practice
  • To support effective engagement with parents and carers
  • To Improve inclusive provision and practice so that children with SEND can access and benefit from the 30 hour free early education entitlement
  • To ensure local systems and SEND pathways are used effectively

 Oldham Local Authority have commissioned AfA to work with your Setting/School until July 2020 to provide:

  • Bespoke coaching from an early years leader in SEND
  • Training in early years speech and language provision
  • Time to talk training to better support parental engagement and communication
  • Training in emotion coaching
  • Support for inclusive leadership development for SENco and whole setting/school
  • Partnership working within your local area

What will be the commitment?

  • To work with the designated coach to supporting your individual school or setting needs on a regular basis
  • To attend Hub sessions for partnership development, networking and training
  • Each setting/school will receive a £150 contribution towards the costs of engagement in the project

 To take part please fill out and submit the form below: