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  • The virtual school commissioned Achieving Wellbeing CLA programme in 7 settings between 2018 and 2020
  • All  of the Designated Teachers completing the first year of the programme felt that as a result, staff are more aware of the distinction between emotional wellbeing and mental health, the link to academic achievement and what they can do, individually and collectively,  to transform the culture and climate of their setting
  • All Designated Teachers had a more detailed understanding of their statutory role and better understood the role of the virtual school
  • All felt it had prompted them to better understand wellbeing and other needs of their looked after cohort
  • They agreed that the majority of children in the target cohort had developed particularly within the areas of engagement in learning, emotional regulation and friendships
  • 3 of the 4 schools who have completed one year of the programme have funded themselves to continue with AfA for another year 2019/20



"The inset day training shared knowledge and resources with staff about growth mindset, ACEs, resilience, relationships and strategies for engaging pupils. It was well received by staff and led to the development of a staff charter.  All staff have more understanding/greater awareness about the background of our students. At weekly student conversation meetings, staff are more accepting of the need to build relationships and remove barriers." Debbie Kirkham, Pastoral Inclusion Manager/DSL, Gloucester & Forest APS


"I feel a lot more able to plan for children in care with identified needs more effectively, supporting learning and accelerating academic progress, attachment awareness has helped planning and given me lots of great ideas around positive behaviour management.   Ideas have been passed onto key staff and will be further disseminated at INSET in September." Nikki Stephens, Designated Teacher, Gloucester Academy


"The school was already a stable place for children in care in terms of  incidents, sanctions and fixed term exclusions but the initial audit tool enabled the school to gain additional confidence, linked to evidence, that this was successful.  The programme has helped the DT to make explicit  the key links between nurture and academic success and has challenged them positively."  Nicola Young, Lead for Personal Development and Wellbeing, Barnwood Park High School