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  • The virtual school commissioned Achieving Wellbeing CLA programme in 4 settings 2018/19
  • 29 children looked after by the London Borough of Croydon benefited directly from the programme
  • 10% of the children were working at expected standard in English and maths at the start
  • 70% were working at or above the expected standard in English and 63% were working at or above the expected standard in maths after one year 
  • All four of the Designated Teachers we worked with felt that as a result of the programme, staff are more aware of the distinction between emotional wellbeing and mental health, the link to academic achievement and what they can do, individually and collectively,  to transform the culture and climate of their setting
  • All Designated Teachers had a more detailed understanding of their statutory role and better understood the role of the virtual school
  • They agreed that the majority of children in the target cohort had developed particularly within the areas of engagement in learning, emotional regulation and friendships.
  • The virtual school is funding the programme to continue 2019/20 in three of the settings, impact report expected September 2020


"The programme has been very successful for us - specifically in building the confidence of the Designated Teacher, by being able to learn from discussing different cases and how best to support the students, to benefit from the experience of the coach sharing different example of how to manage the support of the looked after children on a day to day basis,  to be kept abreast of new information, to be able audit and review our systems.

The ability to plan for our children looked after with identified needs more effectively, supporting learning and accelerating academic progress is an area of strength through the coaching I have received. We have been able to talk through case studies and how to support the challenges of specific students - this has then supported strategic change. I feel the Academy is starting the academic year of September 2019 in a much stronger position strategically and operationally."  Deborah Center – SENCO, Oasis Academy Shirley Park

"Our culture is refreshed and renewed. This would not have happened with our Achievement Coach John Drew's passion, knowledge and skill in coaching me.  His contributions and Achievement for All’s to the college has been noted in our SAR to OFSTED monitoring visit and the FEC report.  John is a unique and highly talented coach and it has been my privilege to work and learn from him. He has been and is an asset in our continued quality improvement journey and I am personally very grateful to him for all his work and support and brilliant impact on the college’s commitment to raising standards for some of the most deprived learners in the borough."  Assistant Principal, College