Achieving Schools Testimonials

“It's been the biggest project I have ever been involved in that has raised parental aspiration. Parents have realised actually what their children can achieve”

– SENCO and Deputy Headteacher, Primary School, Sussex


“[There] has never been a point where our coach has said to us you have to have this, or you have to have that. The question always come from what's right for your school... that's why it works. It's specific to us.”

– Pupil Achievement Coordinator and Assessment Lead, Academy School, Berkshire


“The programme has had a really impressive impact on learning. Our cohort was in the bottom 17% of the country for English. They're now in the top 8%. Similarly they were in the bottom 7% in the country for maths. Now they're in the top 25%.”

– School Champion


“We feel that we’re achieving more ‘value-added’ progress through Achievement for All than we would have been able to achieve otherwise…Achievement for All has really helped us close the gap in progress. We have used the whole framework to develop the ethos of our school into being a very inclusive place; something that parents have commented positively on…AfA has enabled us to meet our statutory targets set by Ofsted, in terms of attendance and academic attainment. We entered AfA for a specific purpose and it’s served that purpose.”

– School Champion, Secondary School, Essex


“One student that we worked with last year... came to us with no plans for post-16 [and] no motivation to learn... [He] left with four-and-a-half A* to C GCSE grades and is now at college doing an apprenticeship in carpentry... For us that is a massive achievement because we've given that young person that opportunity to achieve in life. We've given that young person a future”

– Director of Access and Inclusion, Alternative Provision Academy, London


“SEND [special educational needs and disabilities] practices are now at the forefront of the school.”

– School Champion


“I would definitely recommend it for everyone. I think it should be a thing that's taking place in all schools... we tried so many different things along the way with [my daughter] and nothing seemed to work... this just completely turned everything around. It was absolutely brilliant.”

– Parent of a child involved in Achieving Schools


“It's really nice to be reminded of the great stuff that goes on in our school and build on that”.

– Deputy Headteacher, Secondary School, Somerset


“Not only have the parents been really happy with the time they've been given, but we can see that the children have had significant improvements... Parents have time to actually say what they feel and say what they'd like for the school, and that's been really beneficial.”

– Year 4 Teacher and SENCO, Primary School, Oxfordshire


“Before... I was hard, not a person you would look forward to having in your class, or around... [The programme] helped me choose a direction”

– A pupil describes the effect that Achieving Schools had on his life


“Working with Achievement for All has been a really positive experience for [our school]. The programme has helped us ensure an even sharper focus on attainment and process for all students and has provided exciting new ideas to build on existing good practice in working in partnership with parents.”

– Associate Headteacher, Secondary and Sixth Form Academy, London