Achieving Schools Impact

To date, Achieving Schools has produced remarkable results throughout England and Wales.

A selection of the highlights are below. For a more detailed account of our progress and impact, you can view Achievement for All's full range of assessments by clicking here

  • Over time, targeted pupils “consistently progressed at a higher rate than expected for their year groups.” PricewaterhouseCoopers Social Impact Assessment, 2016
  • School Champions reported that their rates of participation and attendance had gone up by 30%. PwC Assessment, 2016
  • During the programme, overall exclusion rates went down by 44%. PwC Assessment, 2016
  • 75% of children and young people reported increased confidence in their own ability to achieve at school. PwC Assessment, 2016
  • The proportion of parents and carers who felt that children and young people were more confident increased by 34% up to 90% since involvement in the programme. PwC Assessment, 2016
  • 97% of school leaders reported that Achievement for All has positively developed their school's teaching and learning. AfA 2015-16 Impact Report
  • 77% of teachers reported that Achievement for All had positively changed teaching. PwC Assessment 2015
  • Achievement for All improves staff retention. PwC Assessment 2016
  • Participating School Champions reported that “school leaders have more aspiration for under-achieving pupils and the focus of addressing the needs of the lowest 20% of pupils is now part of school development plans and strategies”. PwC Assessment, 2016
  • 100% of schools report that the programme represents value for money. PwC Assessment 2016